We're a mother-daughter team that adores unique and beautiful home decor and office accessories, and anything paper! We're constantly scouring the internet, trade shows, and stores to source new stuff to bring you for our online shop, www.Paper-Luxe.com and our brick and mortar shop in Tacoma, Washington!

Our brick & mortar shop also provides custom printing options for weddings, baby, business, and more.

Jennifer Luna, Founder and CEO

Obsessed with paper, stationery, and office supplies since childhood, Paper Luxe was Jenn's dream a long time in the making. Jenn has had an eclectic past that includes working as a personal assistant and estate manager for celebrities Scarlett Johannson and Melissa Etheridge, business gurus Lisa Kaz (owner of the famous LA Auto Show) and Ali Brown, and on her own as a freelance online marketing manager for some of the biggest names in the personal development world.

Working from home and on the road for the past 15 years, she was always looking for (and not finding!) office supplies and office accessories for women that had both function and style in mind. She also struggled to find unique and chic business gifts for clients and colleagues. So in 2012, she and Laurie teamed up to create OfficeLuxe.com. With the introduction of their new brick and mortar shop, they've now transitioned the business to Paper Luxe, to incorporate more stationery and paper products (including lines for baby, weddings, and more!)

Laurie Hicks, Founder

A mother of two, grandmother of four, and married for over 40 years! A semi-retired Washington State native with a heavy background in shopping. :) Laurie worked in an office setting for over 25 years and has always had a love for home decor and interior design. Paper Luxe has given her a chance to combine both backgrounds.